Located in Austin, TX, Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy was formed in 2019 by Angela Murphy MA CCC-SLP SEP.

Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy is a holistic private practice that focuses on the whole person and views all areas of speech and language and communication development through the lens of the nervous system. The main goal of our practice is to get to the root of challenges and figure out how best to help. We may make referrals to other providers in addition to your treatment with us when that is what will best serve your needs.

We want parents and caregivers to be an integral part of the therapeutic process.  We work with clients and families on what is most important to their daily lives, to help to create long term and sustainable change. We aim to help clients have more regulation and ease in their lives while working toward speech, language, communication, and social goals.

What makes Inside Out Speech and Language Therapy unique in the field of Speech language Pathology is our training and expertise in integrating attachment theory, trauma informed care, somatic awareness, myofunctional therapy and sensory processing into our treatment.

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Our speech therapy clients come to us with a wide range of needs and goals.  We often see clients who have motor speech challenges many of whom may not have made progress as families would like in the past.  Many clients have difficulties with speech intelligibility or fluency which impact their functional communication skills.  We also see clients who have challenges with receptive and expressive language which affects their ability to understand and be understood.  Many of our clients are diagnosed with tongue/lips ties or orofacial myofunctional disorders which have affected feeding and/or speech and language development.

Many clients have social cognitive difficulties which affect how they are able to interact with others and the world around them.  Many of our speech and language therapy clients also demonstrate some dysregulation in their nervous systems because of sensory processing challenges, developmental trauma, or medical trauma due to repeated medical procedures.  The parents/caregivers that find our practice usually are looking for a collaborative approach where they can be an integral part of their child’s team.  Our clients’ families are motivated to put in the work alongside their child to help create the best outcomes.


Testimonials for Inside Out Speech & Language Therapy

Kiersten’s (former) speech therapist, who has trained in Palo Alto in Michelle Garcia Winner’s social thinking internship got us through several tough years.  I am thrilled to say she is now 9 and doing so well.  Angela is truly the best of the best.  If you could read my daughter’s evaluation at age 4 you wouldn’t believe the changes in 2+ years of working with Angela. I’ve spent many sessions in small groups with her and she runs circles around all the therapists I’ve observed! Kiersten graduated out of therapy has done very well ever since.

Angela also knows a whole lot about OT/Sensory processing disorder even though it’s not exactly her field, just from all her years working side by side with occupational therapists in her clinic.

I don’t think there’s any professional I would recommend so highly.

Kelly S.

Angela has worked with my youngest since he was 2, when we realized he was severely speech delayed and turned out he had low tongue strength and couldn’t even stick his tongue out. I was amazed how patient she was with him and how hard she got him to work. It was a process to get him caught up, but as a team they did it. I was always worried he would be behind entering kindergarten and kids wouldn’t understand him but Angela put in the time and made him work hard and he was more than ready. He used to let others talk for him as he was aware most outside our immediate family struggled to understand him but my once quiet child now never stops talking (to anyone) and we couldn’t be happier. Angela will always have a special place in our hearts and my son still loves his now less frequent sessions to get her caught up on his life (he always has a lot to say)! Highly recommend!

Kristi E.

We are so grateful for Angela. She started working with my son four years ago and I’m convinced he made the tremendous progress that he did because of her care. Angela understands the whole child. She has an in-depth knowledge of almost every issue and has a deep understanding of childhood development. Not only that, she brings humor, compassionate, and care to her treatment. If you want the absolute best speech and language therapist, look no further.

Anne G.

I’ve had the opportunity to see Angela work with several children in my classroom over the years. She is truly a master of observation, believes in a whole-child approach and is a strong advocate for trauma informed schools. I always recommended her to my families needing speech therapy and will continue to do so. She is a treasure.

Laura D.

Angela started working with our older son when he was about 20 months old until he was almost 3. He loved his therapy days running to door to meet her, it was like fun playtime for him.

She helped us on getting him verbally communicating more, with some feeding sensory issues and just in general with other issues as they appeared. She paid attention to his whole person and offered guidance to us in other aspects of his development and not just speech based on her years of working with kids. She also helped us get him the right Occupational therapist for his personality for our joint concerns as well as suggest a MDO program she knew he would thrive in.

Angela still checks in on him regularly even though he isn’t doing sessions anymore. And if we have a quick question she is always happy to answer them or refer us to a good resources. She has been invaluable to us.

Tabitha M.

Angela Murphy of Inside Out Speech & Language Therapy has worked with our Autistic son through his teenage years into adulthood. She has helped him articulate his thoughts and feelings and learn to regulate his body and emotions. He loves working with her, and we highly recommend her.

Lucy H.

Angela is an amazing speech therapist.  She worked with two of my children who both had unique speech patterns.  My son had made up his own vocabulary and had some sensory issues.  She worked with him from the time he was 4 to 6 years old.  He’s now 10 and a straight A student and avid reader with no speech concerns.  My daughter has anxiety and Angela was able to earn her trust and work with her.  I would highly recommend her for your children’s speech therapy.

Stephanie W.
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Insurance & Payments

We currently accept private pay clients and clients for the following insurance companies:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health care
  • various Medicaid policies.

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